Let's get started!

For this truly unique year, we’ve created a special way for students learning at home to be a part of Picture Day.

First, we will show you how to capture a beautiful photo at home and upload it right here at RemotePictureDay.com.

Then our world-class team of designers and photo editors will take care of the rest.

  • Image Preparation. We will make sure the look and feel is just right, including beautiful color and background choices.

  • Class Photo. We will carefully prepare your photo for the Class Group Photo which is created by combining everyone's individual student portraits.

  • Yearbook. We will format your photo to the proper technical specs and background and share it with your school to appear in the yearbook.

  • Order! We will post your portrait to your personal online gallery, where you can view your portrait, choose your favorite backgrounds and purchase prints, gifts and, of course, the Class Group Photo. You will receive an email with instructions on how to order.

Remote & In Person Options

We are committed to including everyone in Picture Day, wherever they are learning.

  • Many schools are inviting remote learners to visit school on Picture Day or Retake Day. If this sounds like a good choice for your family check with your school to see about scheduling and availability.

  • If you do choose to participate in RemotePictureDay we will collect a $4.95 fee at checkout that includes everything above and to help cover the special costs of RemotePictureDay.com. (If your family is not able to participate because of the fee, please let us know. Picture Day is for everyone.)

What's Next?

Thank you for being a part of Remote Picture Day in this most unique year. We think we've covered all of the details, but if you have more questions, just let us know. As a next step, let’s take your photo so you can upload to our studio.