Take Your Photo!

Step 1 | Get Ready to Take A Great Photo

  • Grab your phone and get ready for Remote Picture Day . . .
  • We want your portrait to look amazing - and to capture a beautiful moment in time forever. 

  • The photo that you choose to upload today is what will be shared with your school community - so please be sure to make it look beautiful by following these simple steps . . . 

Step 2 | Lights, Camera . . . Lighting!

  • Good lighting is important for a great result - it's easy!
  • Take your photo where there is natural sunlight - next to a window is best.
  • Watch out for shadows - especially on the face.  (Your school won't be able to use photos that are too dark or have shadows.)
  • Photos without enough light are often grainy/pixelated and too dark which doesn't allow us to deliver you an amazing result!

    Step 3 |  Take a Great Photo 
    • It's time to smile and take your photo!
    • Your school is using the classic portrait pose . . . 
      • Center your body and face the camera.
      • Leave room at the top and on the sides, like in the examples below, so we can edit your photo.
      • Make sure you are standing, looking straight ahead with arms at your sides, and of course smiling!

    Avoid Common Mistakes

    • Don't Crop Your Photo.  Don't crop or edit your photo after you've taken it.  And don't use zoom when taking it. It lowers the image quality and makes it not possible for us to process.
    • Don't take a selfie. Take your time to get a photo that looks like our example.
    • Review Your Photo.  After you take your photo, be sure you love it, that it matches our example and that the expression and lighting are great.
    Review your Photo